Dear Friend,

You’ve just experienced a great loss and a task as simple as waking up and getting out of bed can feel like you’re holding up the weight of the world. Life seems different, emptier in some way that you can’t quite explain and can’t seem to wrap your head around.

What if there were a way to completely transform your perspective and put your mind into a place where it could experience joy again?

Grief can take away the control that you once had in your life before your inconceivable loss. I know, I’ve been there and I’ve had to navigate my own way through the dark shadows of loss and sorrow. Making sense of what is going on around you is nearly impossible during this time, which is why you need someone to guide you back into believing in the wonders of life again.

It really is possible to feel joy and happiness every single day again – and without the guilt of your loss, tugging at your heart strings.

This is a completely different approach to overcoming your grief and loss. And this is also your greatest opportunity to reclaim your right to happiness.

The bottom line is…

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions?

Are you sad and often find yourself faking cordial smiles to other people throughout the day?

Be honest with yourself. Grief is holding you down in life and preventing you from being a part of the world. It’s time to do something about it.

You know that you need help and getting better is past the point of happening on it’s own.

Be honest with yourself. You feel stuck.

I get it. I’ve been there. There is a way out.

Transform Grief is not just a series of videos or an eBook that discusses grief; it is a realistic approach to dealing with the fundamentals of grief with care, empathy and proven exercises.

The actionable information you’re about to receive will cause a seismic shift within your approach to tomorrow.

But why should you believe me? What do I have to offer? Am I a world-renowned expert on grief that has been featured on Oprah? No, I’m a grief survivor.

My name is Jason Ellis and I am a former grief sufferer and life coach who has been working with distressed grief sufferers for the last 5 years.

My journey to this profession didn’t come from a calling; it came from experiencing a deeply disturbing event in my life.

It all started on a cold Winter eve with a phone call my father made to our closest family friend of the last 35 years.

He was like an Uncle to me and a like a brother to my father. Although we knew he suffered from depression, we had no idea how deep rooted the problem truly was.

Instead of my father’s call being answered by his lifetime friend, it was instead answered by a stranger who worked in the same office building.

Before my father’s confusion could fully sink in, he was informed of his beloved friend’s suicide.

The shock of being told that this friend had leapt to his death from the top of his company’s industrial building was incomprehensible. The news was numbing, the pain was unbearable.

The sadness and grief that overcame our family left us completely detached from the outside world.

What is almost as painful as the loss of a loved one itself is the perceived callousness of the world around you. How can people continue to laugh and go to work? How do birds keep chirping and life seemingly doesn’t skip a beat?

Is there any respect for the fact that what we lived for is gone?

That cruel reality was thrown in the face of my entire family overnight.

This ‘new’ world did not seem like one we could connect with anymore and we began to isolate ourselves…bitterly.

The funeral of our friend came and went and it could have just as well been one of us in that grave, because nobody was talking… nobody was communicating. Our grip on life and our existence as a family unit was in peril.

In times of grief there are definitely periods of self-pity, but watching your loved ones struggle is almost more paralyzing.

Watching my family struggle ignited a fire in me to save us all and not let our friend’s death define us.

There was only one big problem with this… I knew absolutely nothing of grief counseling. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even think straight in the light of our recent loss.

I knew that the only way to help my family was to help myself first.

My obsession turned from the grief itself to defeating that grief in the name of my family. I didn’t sleep, I consumed myself with all things grief counseling… and it WORKED.

Years of grief education and self-help allowed me to overcome my own grief, freeing my attention to the grief felt by my family.

I began helping my family work their way back into the world again with sensitive techniques and practices that I had researched, tested and proved for months upon months on end.

I knew what would be effective for their grief therapy right out of the gate so their results began to occur immediately.

It was incredible. The introductory strategies I taught them to implement, systematically isolated their emotions and rationalized them into a calmer state within minutes.

And this was only the beginning.

Like an effective mind machine, this system compartmentalized all of the facets of their grief on an individual basis and showed them how to execute resolution for every area.

Watching them each progress and find peace was the single most rewarding experience of my life because I knew I had given them back their lives.

Perspective is a funny thing. Once you know how to work with your own mindset instead of against it, you truly open the door to a life full of hope, love and gratitude.

Soon, word from my family reached friends and friends of their friends. Before I knew it, I was suddenly an unintentional grief coach.

I just followed the same formula I had used on myself and my family to resolve our own feelings of grief and the success transferred to others in the same way.

People started seeing improvement in their own circumstances and I began to receive letters of thanks from many many individuals who were using my strategies to improve their lives.

These techniques are universal in theory and fundamental in practice. They will bring dramatic progress to anyone’s current grief situation and they apply to far more than the passing of a loved one.

These are the methods I want to share with you in this package, “Transform Grief”.

You will have the opportunity to find joy again, to smile and enjoy laughing like you haven’t since your grief began.

With “Transform Grief” you will get a systematic approach to replacing your grief with newfound happiness. Here’s how:

• Your first step will be to gain the understanding that it is okay to start feeling better. Grief oftentimes makes us feel shame for being happy and through this introduction you will understand that your loss doesn’t mean you have to mourn for your own life.

• Next I’m going to give you a detailed understanding of the 7 stages of grief and how you can navigate them in a healthy and productive manner. Conventionally, there have always been 5 stages of grief but this adaptation will provide you with the vital turning points experienced in the journey.

• Forgiveness is often overlooked when discussing grief, you will discover why and how you can forgive yourself, forgive others and most importantly, forgive the situation that got you here. Forgiveness is for you and it stands in the way of your ultimate happiness – you need to move on with your life.

Identify the facets of your support system that will carry you back to life as you once knew it. The smile on your face will return as joy and enthusiasm become possible again.

• Discover the 10 powerful actions that will help you deal with your grief in a constructive and helpful manner. Each exercise in this section will bring you one step closer to the peace you strive for. It’s just one foot after the other towards resolution.

• You’ll find out the two most important questions to answer in your grief circumstance – and those answers will guide you to the finish line – a world that your love every moment living in.

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All that it takes is a simple, one-time, payment of $27 to start overcoming the grief that has overwhelmed you. If this sounds like too much, consider that you have 60 days to decide if your purchase was worth it and get your money back…no questions asked.

This is the COMPLETE PACKAGE of helping you transform grief, taking the approach of appealing to all kinds of learners.

1. You get the eBook itself that outlines and details what it will take for you to move on with your life. Reading is sometimes all it takes to help some people spark their old energy and happiness.

2. You get a video series that encompasses all chapters of the eBook so you can simply sit back, watch, learn and apply. Not everyone learns by reading words on a page (or screen).

3. Inside the eBook and video series you will get real-life exercises that are catalysts of change. They manage your emotions and overcome your grief. No reading or watching, just constructively handling your emotions.

4. You get 10 bonus MP3s including additional grief therapy coaching and lessons for the exclusively auditory learners in our world.

5. Continuous membership updates to the system at no

You can instantly access the 32 page manual and over 118 combined minutes of audio and video right now. The beginning of your grief resolution is just seconds away.

Easy, actionable steps to help you move through the process…

Transform Grief is an incredible resource that will help those who are suffering from any type of grief. I wasn’t aware that “grief” or loss could be applied to any type of disappointment, not just death, so I felt that I could use the steps in any aspect of loss in my life. This guide encompasses all that I have researched or read on my own into one place. It is an easy step by step guide which will give you an emotional understanding of your grief, as well as easy actionable steps to help you move through the process.

– Monisha R.

The bottom line is this, your grief CAN be transformed, it CAN be overcome… but not on your own. I’ve done the homework for you. I’ve put all of this information together. Think of it as a simple blueprint you need to follow. It’s a proven process to get back to a life that you once knew and loved.

Just a one-time payment of $27 will get you access to all of this information and you get 60 days to decide if it is working for you. Is $27 worth it to you to get your life back? If so, click “Download” right now and follow the instructions on your screen.

Included: The Full Video Library of Transform Grief, The Ebook, 10 Downloadable MP3s including (as a bonus) the Video Narration, All Future Member Updates and Handholding Customer Support.

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The Time To Reclaim Your Life Has Arrived. Move On and
Find the Gratitude That The Miracle of Your Life Deserves!

Look if you’d rather put off your happiness and continue dragging your feet through every day, I really can’t stop you. I can only wish you the best.

But if you are really interested in results and healing your grief, this is the only system for you!

Within minutes of downloading you will be introduced to a new way of thinking, one that will ensure your positive perspective for years to come. It’s time to feel optimistic again!

I can’t stress enough how effective and life changing Transform Grief has been for thousands of people, people just like you.

This is it! This is the moment you begin the journey back to a life you love. The system will make it happen or your money back. Order today! Don’t put off your happiness any longer.

Remember, if you want to wake up looking forward to the day ahead; if you want to love life around you again, you must download Transform Grief today. I can’t guarantee this offer will still be available if you decide to leave then return to this site.

Included: The Full Video Library of Transform Grief, The Ebook, 10 Downloadable MP3s including (as a bonus) the Video Narration, All Future Member Updates and Handholding Customer Support.


Think about how wonderful it will be to wake up smile and take on the day with purpose. You owe it to yourself to let the healing begin. Grief has held you down long enough. It’s now your responsibility to let love back into your heart. You can do it. You’re stronger than you know. All you need are the right tools to set you free. I’ve put those tools together for you. All you have to do is take this first step.

Many wishes of health and happiness,


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Instant Access – 24 Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week – 365 Days A Year!

We respect your privacy and billing is discreet/non-embarrassing.
It’s only a $27.00 one time fee here!

Download all mp3s, read the ebook, watch the videos and learn how to transform your grief within minutes. If you have any questions, please contact support by emailing We look forward to working with you!

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