Sweat Therapy for Grief

Grief is exhausting. It saps your energy, both emotionally and physically. You do not feel capable of even the smallest efforts.

Sometimes it takes just a good exercise routine to recharge your batteries a bit. You can start slow.

Go for a brisk walk by the river or through the park. After a few deep breaths, you will start relaxing and feeling just a bit better. You may notice that the leaves are brilliantly green and that the sky is sparkling blue. Birds are singing, unaware of your pain. Life goes on.

It is amazing what a bit of sweat can do for you. Physical exercise boosts the production of endorphins, ‘feel good’ hormones in our brain and hormones that control stress such as cortisol.

A brisk walk is the easiest, but not the only way to boost your blood circulation and to increase your heart beat a bit. Do what feels right, but get moving. If you’re bored by the thought of exercising, try dancing.

Dig out those old disco records and go crazy.

Nobody can see you and criticize your choice in music, or frown upon your dancing as a sign that you are over your loss.

Yes, you might overdo it and even get a little sweaty, but so much of your stress and anguish will be washed out with that sweat.

While a gym will offer you a range of machines to exercise properly, you might not be in the mood for people around you when grieving. Too much empathy can be smothering.

Try swimming. There is something soothing about water, and swimming will give all your muscles a good workout.

Many people use household chores to relieve the stress of everyday life. But, try to make it more than just doing chores. Turn the music on and attack that pile of ironing or dirty windows.

The results are really gratifying. Your muscles will ache, your house will be sparkling and some of your pain will be dulled. Gleaming The idea isn’t to conquer your grief in one fell swoop, it’s to understand that your pain will be a little less every day. Don’t stop here. Sign up below for more video tutorials that will start healing your grief in minutes.

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