Stand Up and Fight

by Jason on May 7, 2013

Don't Give Up!

When hope is lost and you feel stranded in the infinite ocean of life, it’s only natural to look outside yourself for a lighthouse that will guide you back to shore. I find myself falling into this old habit from time to time. It’s a dance that I’m familiar with – maybe you are too.

You face a seemingly insurmountable challenge (or a sequence of them), you get knocked down on your butt and your mind immediately thrashes for a life-preserver to carry you afloat. Ironically, the faster and more frantically you reach for a solution to your problem(s), the deeper your mind sinks into a feeling of complete and utter insecurity.

Yes… this is a dance I’m familiar with.

And yet, over and over again the mind chases certainty in an uncertain world.

If you’re currently dealing with a problem that is weighing on your shoulders like a bag of bricks, then let these words comfort you with a faith that is undeniable. I’m not talking about a faith in god (although, I do recommend it). I’m not talking about a faith in the law of attraction (although, I am a big fan). I’m not even talking about a faith in miracles (never count on those – they happen when you least expect it).

I’m talking about a faith in change.


We take change for granted. We know that life changes but we never acknowledge the positive power of this constant flow. Really, most of us (myself included) have a terrible fear of it.

Change feels bad, right? Change is scary! Change takes the good moments away from us and opens us up to the unknown.

The fact is, when your conscious mind fights change, you’re in direct opposition of the forces that try to move you along to what you truly desire. Fearing change is like swimming against the current of the universe. It’s a battle you’ll never win and the struggle will tear you apart emotionally.

But change doesn’t mean giving up on your determined destination. In fact change is that catalyst that will take you there. I know this can be hard to see when the detour appears pretty bumpy but believe me, you’re still on your way to where you want to go.

Just don’t let the fear of change derail your efforts. That’s what I’m really talking about here when I talk about fighting change. I’m not talking about fighting it by emotionally standing your ground, I’m talking about fighting it my running away from its impending course correction.

This isn’t some technical maneuver you need to pursue. You just have to get through the growing pains and keep looking ahead. You need to accept the fact that circumstances can alter your expectations and you need to continue getting up in the morning, putting on your pants and facing the world for its endless possibilities of fortune (good or bad). It’s a journey.


And oftentimes the journey feels beyond our control. So we may think, what’s the point? What’s the point in even trying?

Trying is what makes life wonderful. Our bodies, minds and all life around us has been trying since he dawn of evolution. Trying is what allows life to go on. You’ve been given this amazing gift. This single chance to exist, make a difference and experience love. Don’t throw all your hope away on the small spec of incident that lives in an infinite universe of possibility.

So, what do you do when life is flowing in a difficult direction?

You hunker down, keep your mind focused on what you truly (and realistically) desire and you keep walking towards it.

Do not give up. Do not compromise. Do not lose the love in your heart for the blessing of this one, short, flash in the pan life.

Storms are going to come into your world and test your grit against all that you see for yourself. I’m telling you now what you need to tell yourself every day and always from the moment you wake until the moment you rest your head on your pillow. Stand up and Fight.

Stand up and fight for your passion. Stand up and fight for your family, your love, your health, your clarity of decision, your purpose and know – that at the end of the day, your path is a unique, special opportunity for you to shine in this world, sometimes in a way that only destiny can rationalize.

The ebbs and flows of life are undeniable. But, if you see the beauty in the movement of these moments, you’ll find peace in every breath you take.

P.S. This will help in times of loss and uncertainty.


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