Our Fear Of Death – An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

by Jason on February 23, 2013

fear of death

As I type this article (certainly not a light topic), I question how I’m going to approach such a grand topic of “Fear Of Death“. This fear – this ingrained gutteral fear addresses the biggest question we all face in life. How do we approach our own morality?

It’s a truth that most people don’t want to even acknowledge as this constant reality brings on negative emotions and yet remains completely inevitable. Terrifying, right?

I’m speaking from the voice of someone who has always been very naturally inclined to anxiety. I have some very obsessive qualities and go into bouts of unyielding negativity and can internally fly off the handle from time to time. It’s an admission that I want to make clear from the getgo.

Even as I write this intense subject, I feel my adrenaline creeping up and my hypochondria sprouting buds of worry in my mind. Yes, you heard me correctly. I have inclinations of hypochondria.

So much so that I’m constantly plagued with false alarms of my own mortality.

I bring all this up because I want you to get a really good feeling about the kind of consistent fear of death, I myself, have faced.

So, it sort of goes without saying that this is just one man’s perspective.

But after I spew my peace, my perspective on the fears of death, I really want to hear your interpretation. Because, after all, we all have a unique spin on how to handle fear of death.

Just one small request here – when you do speak your peace in the comments section below, please try not to enforce your own rational onto others. I want to make sure this becomes an existential discussion without the social and political forces being pushed upon one another.

A Natural Psychological Force

We are a concious species with a recognition of the world around us, influenced and interpreted by our environment and the evolution of society. You recognize that ultimately – this consciousness will cease. No one in history has escaped. We die.

And, that is some terrifying stuff! I mean, I like being here. This ride has to end?

There is a lot of thought that our consciousness does not end. We go on and on into greater, uncomprehensible levels of intellegence and oneness that our minds can’t perceive this.

When I say the ride has to end, I’m referring to this particular, specific span of life that you consider – “Your Life”.

You’re born, you’re a kid, you move through the conventional and oftentimes unconventional ways of the world and all the time, you’re building your perspective on life.

You’re consciouss. Alive. You Feel.

You Feel.

Our Natural Defensive Mechanisms

In this video, Dr. Sheldon Solomon talks about how we as a society deal with the fear of death (including the anxiety it brings) and numb our senses to the facing reality of being alive.

What I love about this video is how Dr. Solomon talks about the positive rational you can implement by focusing on the relationships in your life. It’s a very cool way of viewing ways to calmly accept the inevitable and use this finite span of time to become the best you can possibly be.

If you’d like to explore the psychological roots or our fear of death, Dr. Solomon is a great at articulating our pimary fear in this amazing video, discussing Dr. Ernest Becker’s Book, “Denial of Death”.

Warning: This Is Intense. Proceed With Caution.

This is not passive listening and may be found graphic in nature. Please play with caution. It is a theoretical in nature with some very matter of fact opinions being expressed.

This is a very deep theory lecture and you’ll want to be able to really listen in if you want to follow this incredible dissection of Ernest Becker’s study.

I love the biological evolution take that Dr. Solomon uses in this video the make our consciousness more tangible and clear.

Around 20 minutes in, he reviews Darwin’s Law in respect to evolution and how our social nature has adapted us today into our current existence, despite our individually meak physical attributes. This is then turned into our survival as the most dominant species into the highest living beings on the planet.

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