How to Write a Eulogy

by Jason on November 7, 2012

how to write a eulogy

A Eulogy is the main part of the funeral or memorial service. It is the speech which presents the life of the departed person, noting all its achievements and the special mark he or she left on the people and world around.

Usually, a family member or a friend is asked to prepare a eulogy. Being asked to do a eulogy is considered a big honor.

If you are preparing a eulogy, think of all the moments you and the loved one spent together and experiences you shared and write it all. Consult other family members and friends. Ask someone to hear your prepared eulogy, to make sure that you got all the facts right.

Your goal is to share with the family and friends the memories of the life of dearly departed and what their life represented. Make it very personal and human. Don’t worry if your emotions get away from you. You are among the people who understand. Try to remember funny and touching moments which can bring a laugh and happy memories and can relieve the sense of pain and grief, at least for the moment.

Don’t underestimate the power of delivering a profound, touching eulogy. It will help those congregated to receive closure and this is cornerstone of moving through the 5 stages of grief.

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