Finding Your Purpose in Life

by Jason on January 6, 2013

After a loss, it can feel extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. After all, in the wake of such sadness, why would you want to go out and face the world?

Finding your purpose in life is a question that we all face – with or without a grief consumed mind. It’s a question that starts back as early as mankind.

Why are we here? What is the meaning of all this?

Kind of an overwhelming thought, huh?

When your struck with the pain of recent grief and you begin navigating the stages of grief, it’s common to feel dismissive of most of the days’ events.

Dinner parties, social gatherings and even family may feel empty in light of the recent loss you’ve encountered. To combat these feelings, I recommend finding your passion. It can be wonderful therapy for grief.

Your passion can be anything.

It can be a job that you work from 9 to 5. It can be a hobby such as art, singing, writing, reading or gardening. Your passion can be an activity that doesn’t require much effort at all. Even just going to the movies can be a nice escape.

Whatever your passion, cling to it as it will be the life rope that pulls your out of your grief and throws you back into a life you enjoy living again. Your passion will equal your purpose for this time being. It will draw you closer to feeling grateful for all the simple things you took for granted before.

It will be the reason your get out of bed and put your pants on in the morning.

Can’t find your passion? That’s okay.

The best way to start finding out what interests you is to begin by pampering yourself.

What do I mean by pampering yourself?

Go out, get a massage, eat your favorite food, listen to your favorite music – indulge in whatever calls out to you. By pampering yourself, you’ll begin to feel short spells of enjoyment which will open up your mind to finding out what else you like.

Pampering yourself sparks an inquisitive curiousity that will mentally prepare you for engaging in life again. Give it a shot. It’s the first step towards your own personal grief counseling.

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