Does anticipation of grief lessen grief after it happens?

by Jason on January 6, 2013

When you mentally prepare for the anxiety that grief can induce, it definitely gives you more of an action plan to execute after the loss.

For example, an organized, step by step rationalization of your loss will allow you to make more sense of the whole thing and move in the right direction to let the healing begin.

However, as nice as that all sounds, when the rubber hits the road and your loss does in fact occur, your rational thoughts will be washed over by the universal stages of grief. Denial being the first.

There will be a sense of shock no matter how prepared you feel you are in the months, weeks or days leading up to the loss. That is normal and is what is called a “visceral” reaction to your grief.

This is where the meaning of emotional intelligence comes into play.

So, I know I sound like I’m playing both sides of the fence with this answer but, really, in the wake of a loss your emotions are more than likely to win over rational thought.

That said, in the longterm, your anticipation of the loss will give you a much better outcome in finding acceptance and reaching resolution towards the circumstance at hand.

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