5 Natural Tips To Resolve Symptoms Of Grief

by Jason on October 5, 2014

symptoms of grief

When we lose something or someone we really were attached to we suffer from GRIEF.

Anyone can experience symptoms of grief since anyone can lose someone or something they really loved. The more one was attached to whatever they lose the more the grief they experience, it is totally natural.

Different people grieve differently, the manner in which one grieves depends on a lot of determinants like ones faith, one’s personality and the kind of loss.

Grieving has five stages namely-denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Everyone goes through the five stages but at different rates some take years to get to the last stage while others take only a few minutes. What is really important is for one to get to the last stage so as to allow healing. The stages are as a result of the affected person trying to make sense of how the grief affects them. If one does not accept and allow for healing to occur naturally then grief will not leave.

Here are ways one can help resolve symptoms of grief naturally:

Man Woman Silhouettes Face A Puzzle Maze1. Allowing Oneself To Let Out The Emotions And Thoughts Openly:
This helps prevent bottling up of negative feelings which are harmful to personal growth.

When one keeps in them feelings of grief they are likely to go into depression as a result of stress, suffer from anxiety, start substance abuse to try and suppress the feelings or even develop health problems.

This also helps allow one to come into terms with everything and even accept the whole ordeal positively.

Crying Man2. Allowing Yourself To Cry:
Crying naturally relieves feelings of distress.

Let out what we feel without being embarrassed about it – vent out if you must.

Crying releases tension and feelings of frustration which if bottled up can make one bitter and even violent in time.

Friendly Advice3. Turn To Others For Support:
Don’t grieve alone! Turn to friends and family for support and help and offer help and support others give.

Trying to avoid others does not help at all because being alone aggravates the matter!

Turn to a support group. Sometimes even while we surround ourselves with our caring friends and family we still need to grieve with those who have undergone similar losses because their support will be more practical and often seeing them having healed encourages the bereaved to also heal.

By listening and sharing to those who have similar experiences the bereaved often heals faster as they hear of others who have had worse experiences compared to theirs and still emerged victorious in the healing process.

Psychotherapy ? Need Some Help4. Turn To A Therapist Or Grief Counselor:
If the grief is too much and even family and friend can’t seem to help seeking the help of a professional grief therapist is key.

A therapist will be able to help in the grief process effectively.

Most people shy away and are too embarrassed to seek this kind of help but it is key.

Yellow Notepad And A Pen5. Find Creative And Safe Ways To Express Your Feelings:
Write your feelings in a journal as this saves us from venting out in the wrong ways like substance abuse.

Write out how you feel, draw out your feelings.

If you lost a loved one do something that meant a lot to them or take part in an activity they took part in say a movement or organization? Put up their photos in a scrap book if you can.

In a nut shell don’t allow for any bottling up of feelings.

Grief is a factor, that if not managed well and enough healing is let to take place can lead to health problems for the bereaved, which affects wellbeing and in turn affects production. Ehic is in favor of overall well-being, healthy nation’s equals healthy production! And take care of the grieved by giving them all the support they need.

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