3 Questions with Jock Brocas – Afterlife Explained

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a gentleman named Jock Brocas this week. Jock is a psychic medium, meaning that he communicates with the dead.

It’s a subject I’m not entirely familiar with, so of course, I approached Jock as a bit of a skeptic.

It’s not that I don’t want to believe in an afterlife – of course I do very much. The biggest hurdle for me is wrapping my head around a lot of the concepts that Jock explains in a way that I can

Jock was kind enough to generously extend his time and elaborate on a few of my most pressing questions regarding afterlife, the nature of death and how we can learn from his knowledge of a consciousness that extends the here and now.

Below you’ll find a transcript of our conversation through Skype. I hope you enjoy the fascinating elaboration of afterlife provided graciously by Jock.

3 Questions with Jock Brocas

Jason Ellis: Before we get started. Do you pronounce your name J – ock or like they do in France Jacque?
Jock Brocas: Jock as in football Jock
Jason Ellis: ha
Jason Ellis: cool – i like that better :)
Jason Ellis: k…
Jock Brocas: lol
Jason Ellis: here we go. Are you ready?
Jock Brocas: Ok go

Question 1:

Jason Ellis: You had asked me if I believe in an afterlife. And my response was that I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of a cognitive consciousness without a brain to process reality. How to you explain the idea of this consciousness in afterlife? Meaning… the ability for you to connect with a cognitive influence?

Jock Brocas: Essentially I would like to keep this as easy to understand as possible and without getting too deep that others may not comprehend. The easiest way to explain that consciousness is as energy. Everything is an energy, from the thought that you have to the solid object you perceive and so as everything is energy, it is constant in existence.

There is no time no space and even your brain is an energy. I mean if we broke everything down it would be a network of energetic cells, Nuerons and particles, so no matter what we perceive whether in thought, action or as matter. It is nonetheless energy. Spirit is a vibration – a soul vibration if you will and the energy that animates life in this plane of matter.

When you consider a philosophy such as bhuddism, you are revealed – they also perceive this as energy in continuation and death is merely a change of vibration. Vibration is important and everything exists on various vibrations, therefore the existence of an afterlife is as real as the air you breathe. However, I am neither scientist or professor and perhaps there are other minds that will perceive things differently.

Jason Ellis: I can jump on that theory – but it’s still doesn’t answer my question exactly. Here’s what I mean. I agree with you that a rock and my body are both connected through energy. But my brain has the ability to type these questions to you know and interpret my being. A rock does not. So, your answer about energy doesn’t explain the cognitive ability for people from the afterlife to speak through you. Or tell you things in a comprehendible way using a thinking mechanism.

Jock Brocas: Ok so you want to know how a spirit can communicate without a brain? Is that what you mean?

Jason Ellis: Yes. Exactly

Jock Brocas: Again it comes down to vibration. Your brain is material in existence, but mind, i believe is a part of the soul. So spirit animates matter, without the divine energy that exists within us – nothing would exist. So the brain is a vehicle for human function. A thought is an energy and consciousness is the same. Life continues after death of the physical body because it is an energy just as consciousness is. Therefore a spirit communicates in a vibration that matches the vibration of the medium.

Rather like radio waves in the ether and the waves are decoded. How that actually functions is something i neither understand or can explain fully and many world renowned scientists are at the same juncture. However, there is numerous papers and research that correlates that information.

The mechanics of spirit communication is something that fascinates me and is part of my own research. Perhaps there are many answers that we will not receive in this lifetime until we pass and find out.

Question 2:

Jason Ellis: What secrets have been revealed to you about existence and purpose, having communicated with beings that have an understanding of the unknown?

Jock Brocas: Ok one big secret was revealed!!!

(It’s important to mention, Jock made me wait quite a while before his next reply :) )

Jock Brocas: There are no secrets! Now, Q3.

Jason Ellis: Come on Jock – you know people won’t like that one. lol

Jock Brocas: lol. ok.

Jock Brocas: We search for mysterious secrets that give us the answer to life, the universe and everything and for centuries man has continued to try and find these answers in the hope that some great secret will be what is needed to fulfill a desire. However, in my mind, no secrets exist because everything is divine in nature and divinity is perfect in operation. Therefore answers are revealed when one is ready or the vibration matches that need. In essence I do not believe in miracles because miracles are a man made perception of something that is out of the realm of understanding in this existence. However, a miracle is nothing more than spiritual law in operation or god’s love in action.

It is natural…

Like the birth of a child, the wonder of the flower and the gift of life that you are given.

Jason Ellis: I like that Jock – very beautiful.

Jock Brocas: Thank you friend

Question 3:

Jason Ellis: What words of comfort can you offer someone who is afraid of death or has lost a loved one?

Jock Brocas: Think of the happiness or the smile in your loved ones face. Knowing that life continues after death is somewhat comforting and can be the catalyst to a great healing. Do you need to come and see a professional medium – No! Because love is a bond that never separates and if I can give you all one peace of advice is to feel love, compassion and forgiveness in all that you do. Think of your loved one and put the thoughts out there for them.

The signs are there, they exist and are alive – even if only in your thoughts and memories. When you are ready and feel that you are not in turmoil, go into the silence of your heart and your breath if only for a short time each day and you will be amazed at the signs of spirit that are around you.

Do you need a medium? Only if you are paralyzed by your grief but in essence, your loved ones wish to prove they are alive. They tend to your tears when you cry and wipe them away like feathers caressing your skin. They are there in your heart and that power is animated by gods love.

Your loved ones will communicate in many ways, you just need to open your heart to those signs. You can be your own medium.

Jock Brocas: You can’t die, you wont die and your fear is merely an ego perception.

Jock Brocas: ego – edging god out

Jock Brocas: fear – false emotion appearing real

Jock Brocas: when you are given the signs and you know that you are a spiritual being before a human being, you will understand the energy of love in action and your fear of death is diminished – rather like a crying child, comfort your fear and love it to calm it because it is a part of you, therefore you have power over it.

Jason Ellis: Wonderful. Thank you so much Jock!

For more information on Jock Brocas visit: http://jockbrocas.com

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